The Facts About Digital Weighing Scales

Digital weighing scales come in a diverse array of types Weigh Scales. The size, type and price are all in some way determined by what the scale will be used for. The different types of digital weighing scales include the following:

• Bathroom
Bathroom digital scales are the most common types of scales in one’s home. They are quite frequently used on a daily basis to determine the weight of a person. Although there are other types of weighing scales, digital scales seem to be preferred, due to their “easy to read” number displays along with their efficient and fast accuracy. Some are a little larger than others, however they are all big enough to support one’s foot. The less expensive bathroom digital scales are limited to 300 pounds, whereas the more costly ones go up around 350 to 400 pounds, or more.

• Medical professional
The medical professional digital scales are equipped for those individuals visiting doctors’ offices. They can hold an individual standing, as well, as in a wheel chair. The platform is large, and the poundage that they can weigh is 500 pounds plus. They have a sizable display that can be read from a short distance; and their accuracy is very good.

• Food/Kitchen
Digital kitchen scales are found in 2 types: personal and commercial. The personal are usually smaller and weigh all types of food that are designed for a family size cooking. Although they are accurate, they only weigh small portions. For weighing larger portions of food like you might need in a restaurant, commercial digital food scales are recommended. However, whether personal or commercial, these food digital scales are accurate and most include nutritional value information in addition to weighing food.

• Postal
Postal digital scales can be found in small sizes, as well as large. For example, at a postal office you can see the small digital scales right on the desk. These are designed to weigh letters and envelopes, as well as very small packages. However, for those larger packages, floor postal scales weigh the large boxes that are heavy. They usually sit on the floor behind the counter. Both the small and the large postal scales are extremely efficient.

• Baby
Baby scales can be purchased for those mothers who desire to keep tab on their babies’ weight. They are designed so that the baby can lie on the scale. This is to get the most accurate readings. They are found not only for personal use, but also in physicians’ offices.

• Luggage
Luggage scales are large and are usually found in commercial areas, like airports. They will hold large sizes of poundage.

Digital weighing scales vary, dependent upon their uses; however they are all accurate, thanks to modern technology!


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