3 Tips on Good Delivery

Quite often we wonder why we are not getting a good response from our mass email marketing campaigns. One reason being the main purpose of mass emailing is not being served and our time and money are being wasted. To begin with we should pay heed to the fact that, are the mails we are trying to send actually being delivered and viewed. If not then we have a serious problem and the entire exercise of mass email is of no use expedisi murah.

To begin with we should have a sensible evaluation criteria defined, to gauge the amount of response from the emails we send. If the actual response is far below our expectations then it’s time we find out the reason. Sometimes your Email Service providers system crashes just a few minutes after your mail was sent, then surely most of your mails didn’t reach their desired destination. Also, if the open rate on successive emails is in the range of 33% to 38% then surely your emails have had a serious delivery problem that needs to be checked on.

If you’re sure your mails have reached their desired destination and the response rates are still below the expected level, chances are that more and more people are not opening up or reading your emails. This is a major issue because if this problem persists then at some given point of time there is a fear of such recipients reporting your emails as spam, and this could create a reputation problem for you.

An advisable way to ensure that your emails are reaching most subscribes at different sites, is to open up an account on most of the prominent sites. If you find out that a particular address does not receive your emails, it may be the site has something against you or your email has simply not reached that domain. You could use Deliver monitor or Delivery watch. Their reports could help tell you what is the exact percentage of your emails leading to being blocked or filtered from reaching major service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail en route to delivery.

One has to be extra cautious about their presence on black lists. There are many black lists, so ensure you check your IP address on some of the most prominent ones. It is mandatory to check for your IP address on the list of the ISP from where you send your Bulk emails. Never send bulk emails from your regular Internet Service Provider. Use a different IP protocol and ensure safety from getting into legal hassles. I highly recommend that you use a feed back loop; this would help you gauge the level of people reporting your emails as spam. Ensure that you use more text than images in your emails; this would reduce the chances of you coming under the scrutiny of ISP providers blacklists. Please, also try to send one email at a time, it is tiresome, but would definitely protect your reputation and the longer you protect it the better it is for your campaign.

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