Top 10 Steps to Good Health For Women

The only thing about New Year resolutions is that they are forgotten soon, after. But post revelry and party excesses, here’s what you can do to get a fresh, new you.

1) Watch what you eat but avoid diets. Ensure your energy intake is enough to fuel your daily activities.

2) Maintaining a food and exercise dairy so you can keep track of both is a good idea.

3) Stock up on healthy snacks like prunes, roasted chana, low fat yogurt and nutria-bars.

4) Make sure you take your multi-vitamins and supplements regularly in case you are not getting then from diet.

5) Invest in a good pair of running or exercise shoes. Also, a good sports bra is an essential to prevent sagging and loosening of the ligaments.

6) Plan where you want to see yourself in a year and set goals. Do not give up if you are not there yet. Just keep trying.

7) Reward yourself once a month for following your fitness routine with perhaps some shopping, a massage or even a good meal.

8) Find 20 minutes in a day to calm your mind as it will help you DE-stress and face the day better.

9) Go for a thorough health check-up every six months. It not, at least once a year.

10) And last, never forget the child in you. Don not back your feelings and always maintain a sense of humor.

Start trying the above given tips to keep you mentally health for life long best cleaners for your face.

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