When Your Marriage Needs Help – Marriage Problem Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

When your marriage needs help, it can be the most stressful time of your life. You may feel like you want to run and hide but, ignoring marriage problem signs will not make them go away. The truth is most marriages could benefit from a little help from time to time. Lets look at a few of the signs that indicate marriage problems that could get worse if you don’t seek help.

Myth-Happily married couples always agree and never argue.

Fact-All, and I don’t mean a few I mean all, married couples have disagreements and argue from time to time. Many people think that disagreements are signs that their marriage is in trouble and needs help. This is not necessarily true. How you and your spouse handle the disagreements indicates whether or not your marriage needs help.
If you resort to name calling and yelling, or your disagreements ever become violent, then your marriage needs help. If you have the same disagreements over and over because you never resolve the problem, then your marriage needs help.

Myth-Happily married couples know instinctively what their partner needs from them.

Fact-This is probably the biggest marriage myth of them all. You are each different people, and even if you have been married for fifty years, you will never be able to completely know exactly what your spouse needs all the time. The better the two of you are at communicating, the better the chances that you will fill each others needs. If you seem to constantly misunderstand your spouse and fall short in filling their needs, your marriage needs help.

Myth-Happily married couples don’t have separate hobbies or interests. They do everything together.

Fact-While having common interests is good, separate interests do not spell trouble. If you do have activities that the two of you enjoy together, that is great, but don’t think that you have to continually try to find something you can do together. Many times even a common interest is not viewed get-marriage the same way by both of you. Early in our marriage, I tried to go hunting with my husband. I hear you laughing now. I wanted to go to enjoy the beauty of nature, not to hunt, so obviously this was a bad idea. That day we were all the jokes you have ever heard about taking your wife hunting. I decided to find other things to do while he went hunting and we are both happy with that decision. Now, if your hobbies constantly take you away from your spouse and you never make an effort to spend time with them, then you marriage needs help.

How do you know when you marriage needs help? Any time things feel like they aren’t working, is a time for reflection on your relationship. Sit down and talk with your spouse, see how they are feeling about your marriage. It would be really easy if someone could just hand you a how to manual on the day you get married, but the truth is you learn “how to” day by day. Sometimes part of the how to is getting help for your problems.

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