Choosing the Best Office Decor

Decorating an office area is sometimes a challenging task, as a person must use a certain amount of warmth and creativity, while still maintaining an appropriate professional theme. Some may choose to acquire the services of a professional decorator; however, many people complete the task on their own after giving the project careful consideration.

Choosing a Theme

When deciding on the appropriate theme for office decor, thebesthousedecors  a good starting place is to consider what type of colors and patterns would best define the spirit of the business. If the office houses a traditionally conservative type of business such as a legal firm or financial institution, neutrals, pale pastels, or an off shade of white may be appropriate. However, if the business reflects a creative organization such as music recording company, or graphic arts office, almost any color works if the tone and volume are correct. It is important to remember that whether the decor is mainstream or non-traditional, it must still be kept consistent throughout the office. If bright walls and abstract paintings are featured, these should be paired with modern furniture, in order to maintain uniformity. If traditional furniture and muted colors are chosen, paintings and other decorations should be of a similar style.

A Touch of Green

Plants are one of the most versatile decorating tools available for an office, and can enhance almost any style decor. As long as someone is willing to oversee their care and maintenance, plants can add an inviting and warm feeling to almost any business. Even folks without a green thumb can appreciate the soothing appearance of a tropical fern or the invigorating splash of green from a small indoor tree. Some interior design companies rent office plants to businesses on a short or long term basis. This offers a non-permanent option for someone wishing to try decorating with plants before making them a permanent part of the decor.

Aesthetic Considerations

Waiting rooms should be consistent with the overall theme of the office. If a homespun, intimate atmosphere is desired, couches and overstuffed chairs work well. If the atmosphere is intended to be more traditionally businesslike, single chairs that are comfortable but conservative are the appropriate choice. When entering an office, people are usually routed to a desk or counter where they will sign in for an appointment, or make inquiries concerning the nature of their business. Desks and counters should be free of clutter, as this can detract from even the most carefully planned decor. Papers and file folders should be kept out of site, in lieu of something more pleasing to the eye such as a vase or candy dish.

With so many choices available, careful planning and consideration can make decorating an office a fun and rewarding endeavor.



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