Dogs Shoes Protect Your Dogs’ Paws

Have you thought about this question before? Or have you already bought a set of dogs shoes? In fact, I see many owners neglecting this area of protection for your dogs.

Ask yourself why you need to wear shoes when you go out? Is it for fashion? The answer is no. Shoes are meant to protect our feet so dogs should be getting the same kind of treatment as well.

Grounds That Might Injure The Dogs Paws

1) Wooded areas

This area often contains thorns and broken twigs that might injure the soft paws of dogs. Therefore, dogs shoes act as a layer of protection and it is best to have it put on indogshoes to prevent any cuts or bleeding.

2) Hot ground

During summer, grounds get heated up easily which might burn your dogs pads. Minimize the length of time on the hot pavements or put on dogs shoes to prevent scalding.

3) Winter ground

Cinder/salt is often used in many areas during winter season. Your dog can sustain injuries easily due to cinder and salt will often cause dogs paw to crack which is very painful. Therefore, it is advisable to put on dogs shoes for your dog.

Tips On Using Dog Shoes

1) The most important factor to remember while choosing dog shoes for your dog is to get one that does not have a soft pad. Surface of the pad should be slightly rough to prevent the dog from slipping.

2) It is necessary to get at least one pair of dogs shoes especially during winter season. You do not want to see cracks on the paws of your dogs isn’t it?

3) Proper hygiene should not be neglected. Dogs shoes should be wash to prevent germs growth.

Remember to perform weekly maintenance of your dog’s paw even with the usage of dogs shoes. Check for cracks, bruises or cuts on its paws and do the proper treatment or consult your veterinarian.


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