Newport Beach Dinning: Chimayo Grill

Newport Beach California is one of the hottest hot spots around. You will notice it instantly as you are driving down PCH and you see Mercedes, Porches, and even Lamborghini’s passing you in the fast lane. While you might not be able to afford the high life that Newport beach residents can you can still participate in the fun and enjoy the great food available to anyone who visits Newport Beach. One of the best spots to get wonderful Santa Fe style Tex Mex food is Chimayo Grill. This is one of the best spots to eat in Newport Beach Maui restaurants.

The Chimayo Grill is located on Fashion Island, in the chic shopping oasis. After a long day of shopping, nothing beats going to the grill for lunch or dinner. Starting with the legendary tequila infusion is great, as it consists of fresh fruit marinated in tequila. Although they taste light and fruity, they are full of tequila and pack quite a punch!

The restaurant keeps the full Santa Fe theme alive with it’s wonderful decorations throughout the restaurant. The decor creates a nice and inviting place that is not to formal and very unique so you will be captivated. You simple can not go wrong at Chimayo Grill. Everything on the menu tastes wonderful and with the reasonable prices you might find that you have to make a few trips to the restaurant to really get your fill.

The Chimayo Grill is incredible, set in one of the most wonderful and fun settings of Newport beach, Fashion Island. They also now have a location in nearby Huntington Beach also. At either location you can enjoy a very relaxed atmosphere where you will feel comfortable and fit right in. You can enjoy your dinner and the wonderful dishes they create and not have to worry if you are holding the right fork. The restaurant is kid friendly and a setting that can be enjoyed by everyone so tak the kids along for a family dinning experience to remember, or if you really want to live leave the kids with a babysitter and have a night of fun out on the town including dinner at Chimayo Grill.

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