What Women’s Yoga Clothing Is Best Suited for Bikram Yoga?

Cheryl had been taking yoga for years and was ready to advance to a Bikram yoga class. This type of yoga, often called hot yoga, was considered by many people to be more of a challenge because it offered challenging poses in a very hot room. The purpose of the room was to promote increased sweating for a toxin cleanse as well as to encourage deeper stretching. Cheryl had a drawer full of nothing but yoga attire, but because of the unique elements of hot yoga, she thought she should buy some women’s yoga clothing for this style of yoga.https://sparkfitpro.com/

Most of the time, Cheryl did sweat much in her current yoga class, which provided her excellent toning and strengthening benefits in a cool room. So her current women’s yoga clothing were not necessarily suited for warm temperatures or profuse sweating. Are you curious what yoga clothing for women is designed to be worn in a Bikram class? Here’s what you need to know:

• Fabric. In general, you want to look for clothing made of non-absorbent material. You will be sweating quite a bit, and you don’t want to be covered in soppy wet, heavy clothing during the class. Instead, you want to look for clothing in a lightweight material that draws moisture away from the skin.

• Shirts. With all types of yoga classes, you want a shirt that is form-fitting but not overly tight. With hot yoga, you should stick to tank tops or short-sleeve shirts simply because of how hot the room will be. Wearing a long-sleeved shirt can be overbearing in such a hot room.

• Pants. Hot yoga takes you through many of the same poses as traditional yoga, so avoid too-short shorts that will be revealing when are bending over or in other more unique poses. Likewise, you want to avoid long pants if possible because of the intense temperature of the room. Longer shorts are often your best bet for hot yoga.

• Other Items. In addition to your clothing, you also want to buy a Bikram yoga mat. You may already have a yoga mat, but this type of mat is designed to be extra-sticky and extra-absorbent. These are both important qualities for hot yoga because of how much you will be sweating.

Choosing the right women’s yoga clothing is important for any yoga class because it will maximize your enjoyment and benefit of the class. With hot yoga, the heat in the room is so intense that you need to pay special attention to what you wear. Use some of these tips to ensure you pick out the right clothing for your hot yoga class!


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