In the course of action completing, she reunites and lives with Hajime euphorically

In the course of action completing, she reunites and lives with Hajime euphorically. An adult Amane returns during the events of Kamen Rider Zi-O as an expert as the joker Jacaranda Café before being changed into the Another Rider Another Blade Anazā Bureido) by the adversaries, turning Kenzaki and Hajime human preceding being squashed by the saints with all traces of the Joker encapsulation she held from the two Kamen Riders devastated.

In the substitute intelligence depicted in Missing Ace, a teenaged Amane transformed into a delinquent as Hajime fail to remain dedicated to his commitment of returning. Nonetheless, in the wake of being engaged by the Albino Joker to control Jashin 14, she later comprehended that Hajime was taking care of her in soul and made a new beginning.

Kotaro Shirai Kotarō) is a 23-year-old longing writer, helping Kenzaki and Shiori’s primary objective by giving them neighborliness. He loves to drink milk.

Kotaro Shirai is portrayed by Terunosuke Takezai Takezai Terunosuke).

Amane Kurihara Amane) is Haruka’s 9-year-old young lady and Kotaro’s niece. She is an impolite young woman who has kind gestures for Hajime, and is the clarification he finds being human.

Amane Kurihara is portrayed by Hikari Kajiwara Kajiwara Hikari). As an adolescent, Amane is portrayed by Miku Ishida

Mutsuki Kamijo

Mutsuki Kamijo Kamijō Mutsuki) is a frail willed 17-year-old auxiliary school kid was picked by the improperly fixed Category Ace of Clubs (Change Spider/Spider Undead) to use the Rider System 03 and become Kamen Rider Leangle Kamen Raidā Rengeru), anyway reluctantly from the start. He obtains a crave power as the Spider Undead accepts command over his mind, using him to attack various Riders.


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